I've been thinking back some this past day thanks to a recent New Release Tuesday over at The Book Frog, where Philip Yancey's name came up as he's got a new book out, and his name reminded me of my days, seemingly a lifetime ago, when I embraced the Christian faith, and voraciously read not only Yancey's books, but a host of other big name Christian writers too numerous to recall every one by name (J.P. Moreland, J.I. Packer, to name a couple); and in this religious wave of nostalgia, I recalled a poem I was lucky enough to get published in Alliance Life Magazine way back when.  In its Sept., 1992 issue, I believe, if memory serves.  I can't seem to locate my copy of the actual publication at the moment -- to scan and upload and show off, basically -- but I thought I'd post the poem, nonetheless, as best as I can recall it from my memory anyway, here and now.  I was twenty-three and green and maybe trite at times, but man was I trying to be sincere ...  So, for whatever it's worth:


Trapped inside the wash
Amidst the winter rains
When the waters flow fierce
As the force of great pain

Tried wading my way across
The rapids cracking rocks
But the deluge licked me up
And the will within me sank

For I felt the clouds incoming
The currents shroud my face
And the numbness of my body
I thought lost beneath the waves

--The river's rising!
   No one will find me!

Debris slams my knees underneath
And this ache from the weight
Of waterlogged faith
Submerges my beliefs

But You saw me, knew me
And threw me the rope of hope
You pulled me in from swirling sin
And warmed my shivering soul