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The Drug Lord's Prayer

Su Padre, who art in Hell,
hallowed be thy High,
thy Cocaine come,
thy Deal be done
on Sunset as it is in Colombia.
Give us this day our daily Dope
Forgive us our narcotics
as we likewise have forgiven our
And lead us not into indictment,
but deliver us from prison.
For Thine is the Cartel
And the Powder
And the Gory


Happy Thanksgiving!

Nuclear Family: A War Poem

~ for my grandfather, still soldiering on, as he says,
 "at the young age of ninety-five"

[***this is a very rough draft, clunky, work in progress at the moment; way too long; and the stories get lost somehow; but I'm not exactly sure where to make the cuts, or whom the piece is really about anymore -- it's too complicated for its own good, but here it will stay as I ultimately revise, drastically cut the wordiness, and figure it out***]

When Gramma plunged kamikaze-like half-a-century ago
And her pristine parlor, and then her bungalow entire
Listed lethally from the profound impact unending
No one saw the mushroom clouds who felt the fallout
Her daughters were too young
Her husband on a gunship

Was it Hitler or Hirohito who lit her fuse?
Evening ignition of shakes and quakes
"Wake up girls!" as candle wax pooled on her trembling palm
"Can't you see all the snakes hissing up the walls!
It's awful!"
Candlelight pranced upon once tranquil ex…

Looking Back: My Book Journal, Nov. 7th, 2009

Just finished Tolstoi'sConfession and am quite moved. Stunning that he felt so despondent two years removed from Anna Karenina's publication, when he was at the height of his creative powers, and yet believed what he had accomplished was ultimately meaningless. He was in such despair that he seriously contemplated suicide for a good year, until he rediscovered what he terms "the faith of the poor." I want to review this once I get my thoughts organized on paper.

Trying to make my way through The Anatomy of Melancholy but man, it is tough going. I have little idea of what I'm reading, but it's nonetheless compelling: I love the topic, being a melancholic person myself, so I'll keep pulling it out from time to time and treating it like a poetry volume when I'm in the mood for something heavy and profound to chew on. If anyone hereabouts has read it and could provide a synopsis or aim of the book, I'd be very thankful.

Am also making my way through …

A Girl's Best Friend

***Thenaughtyhottie  is the author of this post***

I don't want to flave over books right now.  I just finished Justin Bieber's awesome autobiography, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, that he wrote himself!  It's amazing, but I'm still "processing it," like my hair stylist says I should, whenever I read something deep, before I tweet about it.  It rocks, though, I can say that.  I give it 4woo hoos! 

Today I want to talk about a girl's best friend.  And no, silly willys, I'm not talking about chocolate or chihuahuas.  Or Justin Bieber.  LOL.  And definitely not diamonds either!

Go ahead and giggle, but let me tell you something, when your BFF, as in your "Boy Friend Forever," has had too much to drink, and that dangly drawbridge of his won't rise to let the ship pass through (no matter what you try and do!) then big Mister D. (your always alert and ready disembodied penis -- HA!  I just made that up) can come in pretty handy!  Five woo …

Gatsby Books: My Favorite NEW BOOKSTORE in Long Beach

Gatsby Books: My Favorite NEW BOOKSTORE in Long Beach!  Check it out.  They just opened in August, and I'm going to tell everyone I know who loves books about them.  So hear's an earfull below:

Scroll down to the bottom of their website linked above and look at that picture of Gatsby's interior.  Old school bookstore ambiance with roaring '20s motif.  What a great new classy little bookshop in Long Beach, just off the 405 and Bellflower Blvd.  The selection of classic literature is the best I've seen anywhere in a long time, like since the mid-90s when Borders and Barnes & Noble once stocked more than the usual suspects, Steinbeck,Faulkner, Dickens,Dostoyevski, in their Literature sections.

I bought three books at Gatsby's today; all of which, I'd never seen for sale anywhere else previously.

1. The Richard Trilogy: Things As They Are [1951], Everything to Live For [1968], The Thin Mountain Air [1977]  by an unknown I'll soon get to know, Paul Horga…

You and Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney

You are not the type of reader to read Bright Lights, Big City.

You're better than that. You have dignity. You have self respect.

You're way too good to read Bright Lights, Big City, in fact, a book whose plot is "Snort Snort" and "Wham! bam! thank you Skank!"  You did plenty of clubbing in the 1980s.  You got around, oh yeah!  You called in sick the next day after nights of decadence to your crummy fact-checking gig at the New Yorker or whatever elitist rag it was that once employed you, long before you were somebody important, when you were hungover and maybe still wasted at six in the morning, just exiting the bar, still looking to get your freak on, while colleagues in suits stormed the sidewalks in the morning rush to work, lots of times. 

You did that a lot, and that's the plot (voila!) of Bright Lights, Big City, so why waste any more time reading it?  Because you're nostalgic?  Because you're sentimental?  Because you miss the 1980s?  …

A Free Associating Stream of Consciousness Type Experiment Down a Georgia Creek in Describing Dickey's Deliverance

Before O Brother Where Art Thou there wasDeliverance.  
It'sDante's Inferno meets Hee Haw!

Virgil, armed with bow and arrow meets gap-toothed vigilantes with guns.
It's The Odyssey in canoes floating downstream through Georgia wilderness.
Backwoods inbreeding makes banjo virtuoso out of intellectually disabled young boy.
Did the young boy with the banjo ever try out for Hee Haw! and get hisself rejected?

It takes a strong steady hand when the arrow is pulled back taut and the target -- a murderous hillbilly -- needs to step back just a little closer ... a little closer ... Keep holding the bow don't lose your grip keep aim ... a little closer ... let it loose ... woo-wee!  Murderous hillbilly's got himself an arrow shot clean through his neck.  Damn thing is so stuck in his neck he cain't even grab it out.  That's a dead hillbilly-would-be-sodomizer-mother fucker there.  Good shot, canoer turned cliff-clinger in the dead of night and hid out in a tree so tha…

Led Zeppelin One to Ten: A Fan's Ranking of Their First Ten Albums, 1969 - 1982

1.Physical Graffiti 

1975; their sixth studio album, and first double-lp.  I was fourteen, and recorded Physical Graffiti off  KLOS (95.5 FM in Los Angeles) on their "Seventh Day" program, a feature each Sunday evening in which the radio station would play seven albums in their entirety, back to back.  I played that Memorex 120-minute cassette tape to death, before finally, when CDs became the latest rage, but weren't so absurdly expensive, finally legally acquired the music.   My favorite rocker off the album at the moment: "The Rover".  My favorite mystique-laden, moody, slower-build-up-ditty at the moment: "Ten Years Gone".  I also absolutely love "Down by the Seaside," and that steel-pedal, country vibe guitar work.  Does the apartment building photographed on the album cover seem vaguely familiar?  Could it be the very same building where Mick Jagger, six years later (1981) intoned the opening lines for the music video of ... "Waiti…