The Book Frog is Open for Business!

Long time LibraryThing pal, BeckyJG, and her partner, Pete, are now living the dream, having just opened their own bookstore, The Book Frog.  Congratulations to them both!  Read about their bookstore's opening in the link below, or read about it also in today's Shelf Awarenesswhere it's the top news item.

I recommend checking out Becky's month-long "Liquidation Diary" also, featured in her blog from this past August and September, that poignantly chronicled her last days working as a Borders' employee after having been employed by the company for nearly two full decades.  Talk about loyalty.  Talk about going through Hell and now entering what I can only imagine must be some semblance of Bookseller Heaven in just a matter of months! 

I understand The Book Frog will have a webstore up and running in a short week or so, so even if you don't live just an hour away like me, you can still help support two tried-and-true pros stay in business for a good long time with your online dollars. Screw Amazon!  Bless the Book Frog!

I can't wait to go see their store and buy a bunch of books on Saturday with my kids! Photos to follow .... 


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Our first two days open have been kind of slow...but that's all right, since we're still trying to figure out how to work our systems (amazing the sense memory you retain after so many years of doing it the same way, how your fingers just seem to poke the button they're used to poking, no matter how sternly you tell them not to). The weekend will tell.

    Can't wait to see you and the kids. Tell Linda I'm sorry we won't be meeting in person this time.


  2. Happy to! Yeah, you need to deprogram all those decades of Borders from your brains. Could take some time. I'm sure the rain today isn't helping business. It'll come, though, especially once people realize you're there.
    Linda's bummed, but next time we're all down that way, probably around Christmas, she'll be there.

  3. oh congratulations!!!!! What a swell idea! I hope you get lots of business!

    all the best!

  4. Murr mannnnn,

    Should good fortune ever direct your path to Southern California, besides paying a mandatory visit to a certain freak of Chino, you would simply have to stop by The Book Frog. I was there on Saturday, and among many highlights I could spotlight, one that caught my eye book-wise was the Frog's stocking of arcane titles via the publishers Europa and the Dalkey Archive, the latter of which yours truly simply had no choice but to purchase one of, Witz, by Joshua Cohen.

    Great store run by great people. You'd love it.


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