The Magic Door Bookshop

On visiting a brilliant bookshop yesterday, The Magic Door IV

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to visit a local independent bookshop, The Magic Door IV, that I had been meaning to for years, but its store hours (2:00-8:00 p.m.)* had always made it impractical for me to drop by when I had a regular 8-5 office job working for somebody else.  In May, when out of the blue it occurred to me that I had still not patronized the The Magic Door and its hours were no longer an issue, I dropped by on Memorial Day (May 29th), but the store was closed for the holiday.

Undeterred, when Father's Day rolled around three weeks later, I decided I'd go then.  Almost out the door, though, I thought maybe I better call first, make sure they're open.  Sure enough, they were closed for the Father's Day holiday.  They were closed, and yet the owner, Dwain Kaiser, answered the phone anyway and urged me to drop by on Tuesday.  He was adamant that I — whom he didn't know from Adam as they say — drop by the store on Tuesday, insisting as one would …

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