On Leaving LibraryThing (and why that's a GoodThing)

There's no better book cataloging resource on the planet than LibraryThing.  For the rabid aficionado of books; for the pathologically obsessed bibliophile, such as yours truly (and thousands of others, many of them my virtual friends), LibraryThing offers the finest system anywhere online I've ever located.

LibraryThing may not be the largest or most popular book cataloging site or community out there, but it's by far the most hardcore.  If you've been to Goodreads, LibraryThing's largest competitor, you can see right away that LibraryThing is like walking through the doors of the finest university library in existence, like Columbia say, and Goodreads, well, isn't.  That's not to say Goodreads isn't good, it just isn't good like LibraryThing is good, a company too good to be called good.  I've decided, nevertheless, that Goodreads is going to be good enough for me.

Having been intimately involved with one of the most active and perhaps more outrageous groups in LibraryThing for the past three years, a group I founded as a complete gag (and after I'd been drinking rum and Coke don't'chu know) -- The Quest for the Last Page of Ulysses -- I'm exhausted.  Having watched it, in truly stunned amazement all these years, blossom and flourish of its own free will and volition, without blueprints -- like it possessed a mind and identity all its own as if it were ALIVE, "It's Alive!" -- I'm, frankly, tired of being led around by the monster (and it's overarching shadow) on a leash.

Through all the elaborately executed ruses and abruptly unexpected name changes, both personal and group-wise, I found my selves becoming, in increments, through the entire wild and wacky and mostly wonderful mutation that was (and is and will remain without me, I suspect) the group's inimitable history, a person(s) I wasn't enjoying being around so much anymore.  And it's clear to me's I can't escape or reinvent my selves to my/our satisfaction and comfort zones any longer in LibraryThing, so we've split.

I'd like to add that it was an unanimous, though excruciatingly difficult, long pro-and-con'd, thoughtfully considered and democratic decision: "Yea" votes all around from Dick, Enrique, the Naughty Hottie and the rest of the lewd and rude crew that comprised us/me.  What drew the decision out longer and made it the most difficult for me, was considering the commitments I'd made to some beloved writers and friends.  I didn't want to break those commitments or my word to them.  In LibraryThing's absence, I plan on completing those commitments and keeping my word through my blog and through other, bigger, more influential blogs with larger followings (and more potential readers looking for great books to read), that I'm closely connected with.

I've landed in Goodreads, and that's a good thing, believe it or not!  Starting over on a vastly smaller, but far more sane, scale, with my library, and hopefully some carryover of friendships from LibraryThing, intact.

Goodbye, LibraryThing!

It was a blast, and I loved you.  


  1. LT & the group seemed like a lot of drama. I didn't really get what was going on but... eh. It's just LT. Not the end of the world. I'll look for you on GoodReads! :-)

  2. Never let the thing you've created become master and you, slave. Who knows, I will post on eremetics someday soon....

  3. Suzanne/Poquette is trying to get ahold of you. I thought I had your email address, but I can't find it. I won't post hers in public, but mine is martinmccarvill at gmail. Send yours if you get this, and farewell wherever you fare, sir!

  4. Left you a note at Good Reads. What's going on?


  5. To say that you will be missed, doesn't even begin to cover it. What a great time it was!

    I will be an ardent reader here.

    I do remember that I owe you something, which will be winding their way to you soon.

    Take care, dear friend. And enjoy your new existence.


  6. I am heartbroken. And I will miss all of you on LT.

  7. You must come back. I would not have accepted you-know-what had I known you were planning to do this. I am truly in tears. Please come back.


  8. My friend, we must meet again! I will look you up on this goodreads thing, but, really, someday in real life as ourselves.


  9. How do I find you on goodreads?

    By the way, my word verification on this one is "damnecd", and that's the way I feel. Damnecd.

  10. I just created a huge commotion over in LT over your leaving. Sorry to make such a big deal but I am genuinely sorry to see you leave. I merely want to stay in touch. Hope to keep abreast of you here at least. Martin has my e-mail. With all best wishes, Suzanne/Poquette

  11. I just want you to know I am heartbroken and pissed. I want to talk to you personally. I am sure you have at least one of our mutual acquaintances' email address or telephone number. Contact that person who will contact me.


  12. Hi Brent, sorry you have left LT. You will be very much missed. Has your mailing address changed? From Anna in PDX

  13. I'll miss all of you guys too. But sheesh, it's not like I've died! Last time I checked I still have a pulse. I'm still here, just a comment away. I know where your blogs are too!

    Anna, yes, my email info is the same. Perhaps you wouldn't mind passing it along to Ur? Ur, I wasn't trying to dupe you, I merely thought you'd love having your own salon to lead along with Mac & tomcat. Contact Jeremy or Tim Spalding, and they can easily edit the info at LeSalonAdmin for you.

    I'm sad so many of you are sad (and some of you no doubt mad). But listen, don't tell me it took a rocket scientist to tell you I'd been trying to leave the salon and its magnetic pull for the last six months. It just took me six months to figure out that the only way I could truly let go of the salon, was by letting go of LT. Yeah, it's bit a freaky what I've done, but you're all freaks too! Takes a freak to care for one, and I've definitely cared for you. But I've got other things to do.

    Smartest thing I ever did was allowing myself to be serendipitously surrounded by smarter people like you. You guys are gonna be fine. You've got yourselves a sweet Mercedes Benz in the Salon. I suggest you rev that baby up and get her out on the autobahn, and go screeching up and down the aisles of LibraryThing.

  14. Oh, kuh-riiiste! I just found out. I don't understand!!!!! I don't get it! Is LT an addiction for you?



  15. Dear Anonymous,

    LT was an addiction for me.

    I looked you up on Goodreads, cg,; couldn't find you.

  16. You have forced me to join Goodreads. what's your handle?


  17. I'm sooooo sorry my actions have forced you to join GR. I normally wouldn't wish it on anybody; but in your case, I'm delighted to see you join.

    I'm just the same 'ol Enrique Freeque over there.

  18. I'm short of words, but you're missed, dear Freake.
    - DanC


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