Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives by Dr. Laura Schlesinger

Another stupid thing a woman could do to further mess up her life would be to read this book or any book ever written by this "author".

Yeah, there's common sense advice that might prove helpful to some women who're prone to making the same repeated mistakes in, say, picking mates, but "Dr." Laura's diatribe deliveries (if you thought her radio show sounded glib and grating, try reading one of her books!) and her just general overarching conservative condescencion permeating every sentence that drips with arrogant goop like some incurable Republican plague, really makes for a sucky and annoying read. Her know-it-all schtick and pompous demeanor - her icky bitchyness - may work fine for her radio cult, but not for thoughtful or non-knee jerk, intelligently crafted and complex writing. If I want black-and-white I'll go to an antique store and buy me one.

She's right, she writes she knows she's right, and writes that if you don't believe she's right, then you're obviously, automatically and incontrovertibly, wrong. Right?

And why is she all smiles on the cover when she's all fangs in the book? Because she thinks you're stupid at least ten times over, that's why. So when you see this book at the garage sale for a quarter (an overpriced rip off if there ever was one), be smart and ignore "Dr." Laura and purchase that trusty used toaster instead.


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