Shock Treatment by Karen Finley

Kathy Ackeresque, reading Shock Treatment by Karen Finley has proven effective in combatting intense cases of Major Misogyny, Homophobic Personality Disorder, and Greedy Asshole Syndrome (GAS).

Do not read Shock Treatment if you're easily repulsed by in-your-face provocation, or can't stand ultra edgy spoken word performance monologues and poetry set down on paper: vignettes of disturbingly dysfunctional relationships, as violent at times, as the most violent of video games (only, unfortunately, the vignettes are mostly real, unlike the silly video games), or have non-subversive, politically conservative sensibilities, and are readily off-put having your beliefs satirically steamrolled by an artist who's the spitting image of the antithesis of Ann Coulter.

Ask your doctor before reading Shock Treatment if your heart is healthy enough for wild text:

"I drive down to Wall Street and break into the Exchange. I go up to all the traders and cut off all of their balls. They don't bleed, only dollar signs come out of them. They don't miss their balls 'cause they're too busy fucking me with everything else they got."


"The gun up his ass gives her such a sense of power, and for a few fleeting moments the tables are turned as she forgets the time when she was forced to perform fellatio at gunpoint in front of her own children..."

Shock Treatment should only be taken in prescribed small doses. Ten paragraphs at a time, max.

Do not drink alcohol in excess while reading Shock Treatment, because booze might numb its effect.

Do not read Shock Treatment if you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, as reading it could induce labor.

Common side effects from reading Shock Treatment include, but are not limited to: uncontrollable cringing, severe chuckling, and shitting your pants.

Should such pesky side effects persist while reading Shock Treatment, contact your librarian and read Jan Karon immediately.