Being John Malkovich by Charlie Kaufmann

Looking for a metacinematic experience to augment your appreciation of metafiction/postmodernism/experimentalism in literature? Not really? Don't give a fuck? Well then screw you, go play with some hand puppets why don't you, and be a famous puppeteer like the one John Malkovich becomes in Being John Malkovich; I wasn't talking to you, was I?

Or maybe you're not interested in what I'd term, vicarious psychological spelunking: entering on your hands and knees a wall portal -- a psychic tunnel or cave type of vortex -- situated behind the office Xerox machines inside your place of employment, whose ceilings (the humdrum office you work at) are high enough only for hobbits or little people to navigate through (why? why?) without walking half bent over like John Cusack's character, Catharine Keener's character, and Cameron Diaz's character are forced to do all day long (like it were normal!), which leads (the psychic vortex) somehow magically, mystically, into a melding of the mind with John Malkovich. So that ...

You are John Malkovich. They are John Malkovich. We are John Malkovich. I am John Malkovich. Ohhhhhmmmmmm.

It's pretty cool being John Malkovich! So what if you can't name one film he's acted in besides Being John Malkovich; because once you've been John Malkovich, and gotten dumped from the mind of John Malkovich onto the shoulder of a New Jersey Turnpike (the psychic vortex's automatic trapdoor exit), why would you want to be anybody else?Being John Malkovich