Classic Cinematic Smack Downs

I love insults. I love insulting others and being insulted by others too. I think it's good for a person's mental well being, hurling insults and being an insult recipient. In fact, I welcome anyone who might read this post, to go ahead and lob an insult my way (smack me hard), so that I, in turn, can return the favor. And the more baroque the insult, the better. Be creative, original, like the insults from the movies in the link below.

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

My friend, Mardi, who forwarded me the link above, is an obsessed cineaste, and a former celebrity autograph collector who insults me all the time. I love it. He gives my wife great ideas too, how to insult me. Mardi calls me up and says, "hey what's up, B.S.?". And he very well knows that my initials are B.H. and not B.S. And by B.S. he doesn't mean B.S.; he means Bob Saget. And when my wife calls me B.H. she means "Butt Head"! Mardi calls me "Bob Saget" because he thinks I'm humorous the way that Lawrence Welk is hip, and yet Mardi, that Puerto Rican bass turd, has the audacity to call himself a bona fide "autograph collector" when he doesn't even have Pacino's or Deniro's autographs, but he's got Rosie O'Donnell's -- ooooh! woopteedo! -- what a pathetic collector of D.S. autographs! Get it? D.S. means "dog shit". See, there ain't nothing B.S. about my D.S. smack down of Mardi. That that, Mardi Brah! And you too, Wife!