Freddie Mercury, Highlander and Lost Horizon by James Hilton


Freddie Mercury 
once operatically crooned,
"Who wants to live forever?"
as if the obvious answer 
to his existential 
lyrical inquiry -- 
featured prominently in the film, Highlander -- 
was a resounding 
"No one". 
maybe so, 
but I'll bet Freddie Mercury never read 
Lost Horizon.


  1. I don't know, EF. Queen was (were?) a pretty smart bunch. Did you hear Terry Gross' interview with Brian May--Dr. Brian May--a couple of weeks ago? He's a frigging astrophysicist now.

  2. And I had the link all queued up but forgot to drop it in.

  3. Oh of course they were smarty pants, I don't doubt it, but had Freddie read Lost Horizon, how then could he possibly have composed the lyric to "Who Wants to Live Forever?"
    Don't mind me, I'm just being ... odd.

    I saw Brian May on KCET awhile back promoting a book he'd published, and they mentioned he's a Ph.D. I didn't know it was in astrophysics! Makes sense, though, as his guitar solos can still, after all these years, transport me to galaxies far, far away ...

    Thanks for the link.


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