The Girls Next Door by Paul Ruditis

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This AMAZING book (OMG!) is based on one of my all time favorite reality TV shows, have you seen it?, The Girls Next Door? It's AMAZING!

I think Hugh Hefner is AMAZING! He's a GENIUS. And he's so adorable too like my little teddy bear, all cute and cuddly-wuddly and so squeezy-weasyble. So what if Hugh's old enough to be my Great Great Great Great Grampa, I'd be his #1 Girlfriend in a heartbeat. Are you kidding me? I'd do anything for him! Woo hoo!

I'm hoping he caught my AMAZING performance in that Girls Gone Wild video I sent him, shot on location poolside at the Marriott in West Palm Beach, Georgia, just so he can see how talented I am and see that I'm soooooo like ready-Freddy for life in the Mansion. I can't wait to take a dip with him in the Grotto. Care for a skinny dip, Hugh? Woo hoo!

And I think I'm a lot prettier and smartier than all of those silicone SKANKS on the show. And I'm YOUNGER and HOTTER, and trust me, Hugh wouldn't be poppin' any Viagra with me, The Naughty Hottie, around.

So the book, The Girls Next Door, is like basically about the show, The Girls Next Door, right? There's lots of pictures in the book of attractive blondes like me (only I'm like way so HOTTER!), as well as pictures of boobs, really really BIG BOOBS (and my fine set, unlike the ones you'll see in The Girls Next Door, are real, as in REAL, thank you very much!) and then there's some pictures of Hugh in his AMAZING maroon bathrobe. I so love love love this book!

Don't be surprised if you see me on the cover of the next edition. OMG! Oh. My. God. Wouldn't that be a dream come true!

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