Prick-Me-Up™ , for Men

Ladies, does your man need a little, uh, prick me up, in the bedroom?  Are you sick and tired of trying to "set sail" at only "half mast" all the time, whenever that special moment comes along?  Well, say goodbye to all those pills with pesky side effects and lotions and creams and unfulfilled evenings.  Now, with Prick-Me-Up™ Injectables, for Men, your Man, the one and only, can provide you with the complete satisfaction you deserve.  Guaranteed!

Merely apply the Prick-Me-Up™ needle applicator to the base of your man's Cadillac, in a flaccid state only.  (WARNING: Never apply the Prick-Me-Up™ needle applicator during a tumescent state, as the powerful Prick-Me-Up™ secret ingredients could cause your Man's heretofore software to either spontaneously combust or explode.)

Just press the pink button to the Prick-Me-Up™ needle applicator, and with a prick as quick as a blink (he'll barely feel it!) he'll go from zero to six-plus inches in 1.4 seconds!  Faster than a Lamborghini!  Zoom zoom.

Should your Man sustain an erection lasting longer than four hours, congratulations!  And contact the Guinness Book of World Records immediately!

Ask your contractor before using Prick-Me-Up™ Injectables if they think your bed frame and mattress can support your sexual activity.  Do not use Prick-Me-Up™ Injectables if you've undergone any type of JRP (Junk-Reduction Procedure), as Prick-Me-Up™ can undo any diminutive gains you've made.

Prick-Me-Up™ Injectables for Men.

"Just a little prick does the trick!"


  1. I can hardly type, I'm laughing so hard.

    "Just a little prick does the trick!"


  2. Oh good, thanks. You do think it's funny. I thought it was funny, but I wasn't sure since the silence was deafening when I posted this first over in the salon.

    I need to find some visuals to add to it next ...

  3. I've just struck through my first reply. Will probably leave it privately over on LT.

    Here will just say: visuals, YES!


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