Food, Inc. by Robert Kenner: A Summary Outline

Disgusting and dictatorial: Monsanto.

Disturbing, all of the below:

NAFTA connection.

IBP advertising in Mexico for cheap labor.

IBPs in bed with Immigration.  Won't rat out the illegal labor when it suits their vile purposes, and just as quickly will snitch on the powerless illegal labor when Immigration needs to prove to the media and masses that it's doing something about illegal immigration.

FDAs in bed with all of the four major Food Conglomerates.

The board members of the Food Comglomerates, and its lobbyists, in turn become high ranking officials of the FDA!  Conflict of interest, anyone?  Conspiracy of collusion?  FDA lets the meat packers "police themselves".  Ha!  Makes the merciless meat packers of 'ol Upton's The Jungle seem actually ethical and humane by comparison.

Cover by Theresa Liu
It's apparently a crime, if you're a United States citizen, to say anything publicly against the Food Conglomerates.  If you happen to have had a child die because of e-coli that a subsidiary of the conglomerate knew about but then attempted to coverup; and even if you were understandably devastated watching your child die an horrific death; and then once you found out the death could have been easily prevented had proper and allegedly "legally mandated safeguards" been enforced, and you happened to understandably speak out publicly in your justified outrage and anger against the conglomerates for their outright refusal to take any responsibility in your child's death, they'll turn the tables and sue you for slander and they'll win, as they did against one poor Mom depicted in the documentary, so that they -- the evil conglomerates -- are suddenly the "victims" and you then must apologize to them (for merely telling the truth about them) in order to make their ruthless and bankruptcy/homeless-making litigation go away.  That's how much corrupt power they've exacted with bribes, er, "lobbying," from greedy government bureaucrat-goons in the supposedly democratic U.S.A. who've been elected to protect and defend We The People.  Right.

Beyond Disgusting Movie Scenes:

Cattle ankle deep, nearly to their bloated, overly hormoned and anti-biotic'd bellys, in their own excrement just prior to being butchered and processed.  Their shit does get mixed in with our food.

The food companies care for their workers about as much as they "care" for what they inhumanely butcher day after day. Chicken literally never see the light of day, given growth hormones to grow fast and fatter so that they can be sold cheaper quicker; become so fat they sometimes can't even walk, because their internal organs cannot keep up with the bionic growth of their bodies. The Food Industry has become as tyrannically controlling over every aspect of the Food Industry as once the Tobacco Industry was over theirs. They won't recall their meat for weeks after discovering it's contaminated with e-coli. The courts have stated the FDA does not have the authority to shut down meat packing plants even when they've demonstrated repeated and fatal bacterial invasions.

Corn fed beef is good for you!  Bullshit it is!

Corn makes cows sick. So, they shoot 'em up with antibiotics and they'll keep growing quick. Never mind that increased E-coli outbreaks are the deadly consequence. Just run ammonia through the meat.  Yummy!  That'll probably kill the E-coli.  Or maybe not.

Then there's the Independent Farmer's seeds problem.

An Independent Farmer can't even keep his own seeds!  Monsanto has the patent on the seeds, see, and if they see you reseeding with your seeds on your farm and not their seeds, they'll sue you -- the little guy farmer barely hanging on to his farm -- for patent infringement of their seeds, and while the independent farmer facing litigation probably has a good case against the Monsanto Conglomerate's lies and double-speak, he can't afford to spend six figures before he even gets to court.  So he "settles".  And by "settles" that means he essentially gets "screwed" and loses his farm.

Go organic is the film's theme. Read labels. Don't buy from outlets who do business with the Big Four: (Can't name them).

The fast food chain, Chipotle, buys their food the "right, ethical, humane" way.

WalMart has got on board too, not because they're necessarily altruistic, but because it's becoming good business to go organic, as their customers are increasingly demanding that they buy from organic farms and not the conglomerates.

The difference between Organic Farming and Conventional Farming is staggering in its bioethical scope.

Food, Inc. is a phenomenal and riveting documentary.


  1. totally grotesque situation, and a gruelling, shocking film.


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