Cookie's Guessing Game About Food by Sesame Street

I'm aware that most kids and grownups find the Cookie Monster amusing.  I guess I don't. 

Consider the book Cookie's Guessing Game About Food.  Just look at the cover for a moment (as you can certainly judge this book by it) and try telling me with a straight face that the Cookie Monster doesn't set a wretched nutritional health and food etiquette example for our children, and does so under the disgustingly disingenuous guise of "educational entertainment".

Children have enough trouble as it is learning appropriate table manners without being poorly influenced seeing the Cookie Monster stuff eight cookies into his mouth simultaneously in one dangerous chomp that could potentially cause his choking to death.  Worse, compare the cover to the example set on page seven of this, frankly, terrible, Sesame Street board book where the Cookie Monster is pictured chowing down twenty (I counted) cookies into his gullet as if he's engaged in some solitary  "who can eat the most cookies" contest, but competing only against himself.  Is it any wonder, then, that the Cookie Monster suffers from morbid obesity with this binge eating habit of his?  And yet Sesame Street, shamefully, exploits the sugar addiction of this poor creature because children (and some adults apparently) think it's funny the way they think Charlie Sheen's addictions are funny.  Not a very WINNING attitude to have regarding addiction, is it?

I don't appreciate the subliminal subtext of Cookie's Guessing Game About Food, either.  If you have the book, take another glimpse at page seven.  If you take both hands and cover up the arms and legs of the Cookie Monster, you'll see that his torso is in the subtle (but unmistakable) shape of an upside-down light bulb.  One of those energy wasting, climate changing incandescent light bulbs, to be exact, rather than a fluorescent bulb.  Way to go, Sesame Street!  Subliminally implanting in the impressionable minds of our innocent youths the promotion and promulgation of immoral light bulbs that are DESTROYING OUR PLANET!  Is this the kind of environmental ethos we want our children unconsciously exposed to every time they merely look at the Cookie Monster?  Isn't seeing an eating disorder and sugar addiction in action every time they look at him egregious enough already?  And think of all the adults you know who think that global warming is a crock.  I'd hypothesize they watched Sesame Street as children and adored the Cookie Monster most of all its characters, even more so than the character liked most by kids who turned out normal, Big Bird.

I suspect, flipping through the pages of Cookie's Guessing Game About Food, and witnessing the uber-abnormally "bugged out" eyes of the Cookie Monster, that there's another white substance besides benign sugar in those abundant batches of chocolate chip cookies that the creators of Sesame Street long ago got the Cookie Monster hooked on.

I obviously cannot recommend this book.  It's too sad, and maybe it's just me, I don't know, but seeing the Cookie Monster so abused and exploited by creative puppeteers and so-called "child entertainers" who should simply know better, makes me MAD!!