Reading Porius with Friends

Hungering for the nourishment of Holy Writ 
sola Scriptura
sacred Literature
we comb
our instincts
our memories w/ rigor
in search of inspiration
sensing something sublime
a substance elemental
w/in the dreams unseen
beyond sleep's precipice
engaged as we are with friends 
wading the streams of Porius

we've embarked the dark corridors
of images fantastic
for the core of the very book!
Weighty tome of adventure
not at all dissimilar
from Jules Verne's famous journey
to the center of the earth
More Prometheus-minded however
the intrepid track we tramp upon

past sites covertly mined
if not granted de facto
by indifferent gods
that phantasmal mottled gold
reflected off the Dee
in the torchlit
Welsh Wilderness
of twilight
in the Year of our Lord 499 A.D.
where we've milled as epic readers
and rendered revelations
of poetry (or hallucinations?)
under the wise and watchful tutelage
of the most adroit (though of Detroit)
man named Porius

learning the legends and myths
of sacred and damnable yore
the whispered heritage of lost Atlantis
and the congress kept with our faithful forebears
the gnostic ancients
in ritual secreted caves
or ensconced creekside with pleasurable aches and pains
sharing many Mysteries by firelight
invoking Mithras in chants
(or by chance?)
page after page after page after page

I'm mesmerized by the odd creative power
conjured in John Cowper Powys' evocative language
a veritable
and vast
Gwyddl-Ffichti forest mass of emotions
by it's ineffable
and inimitable elegance
matched by none save Proust
by it's strange misty radiance
so mystical
we're moved into truths
by being stilled
filled with the Dee's music's leaping and streaking foam
the sounds forever fleeing
though its shhhh-ing waters never leave
again and again and again and again

I'm awed by the godlike paradox
of John Cowper Powys'
ephemeral eternities
fossilized and alive
interpreted into life
by so many elders and dear friends
who've ruminated long
deeply reading
and deeply breathing
the pungent abundance of Porius