"The Dirty Cross" of Mount Rubidoux, Riverside, CA

It's a dirty cross (see the black grime encrusted on the undersides of the cross beam? -- it could use some fresh whitewash).  Took the picture today, 08.06.11, from the urban summit's apex of Mount Rubidoux, in Ye Olde Towne Riverside, CA.  I was angling for a Washington Monument style effect (or something), I guess. 

Postcard day.  High 80s.  Dry warmth.  Refreshingly breezy on the summit, which is 1,337 feet above sea level.  Took about fifty shots today, almost half of which I think will be worth sharing.  So much history on this desert outcrop upthrust out of nowhere alongside the scrub infested flats of the meandering Santa Ana River.  The area this time of year is ridden with rattlesnakes (we saw only one, and kept our distance) and lizards so freakishly large it's obvious they've lived good long lizardy lives, ensconced as they are in their reptilian hideouts, secreted in the shadowy nooks and recesses of house-sized boulders stacked and smashed and pulverized into car-sized shards on the summit plateau, kept safe in granite crevices and cool hollows from their most furious (and curious), natural predators -- boys.

Much more to elaborate upon regarding Mount Rubidoux and the historic Riverside housing district (can we say tasty Craftsmans and a smattering of outrageous Victorians?  Yes, yes we can!), and the community's centerpiece, The Mission Inn, on this remarkably photogenic morning, in upcoming posts ...


  1. High 80's? I believe that would compare to our low temps. Ah, to live in paradise (which would explain all the religious icons.) As for me, hell will have to suffice. Besides, as a demon, would I have it any other way?

  2. What are you guys on now, bubba, something like 35 straight days, 100-plus degree heat in Texas. I think your record is 42 straight days. You better not break it, or it's Hell on Earth for you!


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