iPad Illusion
The girl in the photo, my daughter, has absolutely no interest in the tines of the fork -- she can't eat; she's tube fed artificially vanilla flavored Peptamen 1.5 (375 calories per 8.45 fl oz of perfect "elemental nutrition")  five times/day. 

I thought the illusion -- she's in reality about to touch her iPad screen -- personally (and deeply) ironic.

Took this last night, at a '50s diner, Busy Bee Café, in Ventura.


  1. Great shot. It's all about perspective! iPads, smartphones etc. are a godsend at restaurants, aren't they? She is utterly absorbed.

  2. Thanks slick. It's perspective indeed! And LUCK!

  3. Thanks B.! My friend, Mardi, pointed out how he thought the pic had like that Matrix effect going on, you know that scene where the little Buddha-like boy is bending the spoon with his mental powers?

    I hadn't seen that at all in the pic, buy hey, who knows, maybe Megan was trying to bend that fork with her mind!


  4. Or this one? Secondguessing!


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