She Said He Said About Ulysses

"Nothing but old fags and cabbage-stumps of quotations from the Bible and the rest, stewed in the juice of the deliberate, journalistic dirty-mindedness".
~ D.H. Lawrence

What comedy, dear D.H., poo-poo'ing Ulysses for its "old fags" and "dirty-mindedness," when his novels are repressively replete with both, the naughty (perhaps unconsciously) hippo critter extraordinaire!


"A dead end."
~ H.G. Wells 

From the Sci-fi Guy that created one of the earliest and most thoroughly dead end scenarios in the speculative history of human civilization, War of the Worlds!


"An illiterate, underbred book . . . the book of a self-taught working man."
~ Virginia Woolf

So he was an autodidactic man with callouses on his hands from so much ... so much working, Virginia.  At least the book wasn't overbred like Dickey's Deliverance.


"An absence of meaning, an emptiness of philosophic content, a poverty of new and disturbing observation."
~ Wyndham Lewis

"Disturbing observation," Wyndham?  Well, if that ain't the kettle calling the you-know-what what!  And what would you call your all-too-public and pathetic Nazi sympathizing shenanigans that emptied you completely of your career and reputation, Dude? -- A poverty of meaningful common sense?


"A heap of dung, crawling with worms."
~ Karl Radek (Soviet literary critic)

Remember the Soviets?  If they didn't like something, it usually meant it was really good.


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