Stoned October Twilights

Stoned October twilights on the sand
Our pylon shadows stretched impossibly slim
On low tide's sleek divide
Where surf and earth
Disguised themselves as sky

We'd stumble into waves arms alock
Wobbly arcs of a water logged Nerf
Absolute farthest our limbs would part
My spirals were imperfect; hers weren't
Spewing spray like a propeller blade

Anorexic as circus stilts, the pliable palms went ballistic
Beyond the dunes, dancing in wild Santa Ana winds
Making Gumbys of them: Kama Sutra mimics
To my shroom inspired eyes: The palms were obviously
Limbo'ing, bending low as equilibrium allowed

Their pom-pom fronds in ecstatic fluff
And blustery cheer, we'd retreat
From the gusts to our blankets after dusk
And make love beneath the pier


  1. You've captured that time well. I especially like the third stanza.


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