The Short Stories of Andrew Stancek

Andrew Stancek is an old friend from LibraryThing (a.k.a. "polutropos") whom I don't hear from as much as I'd certainly like to these days, but he's got a great excuse: he's publishing stories galore!  I'm astounded by Andrew's creative output the last couple of years, but not surprised by his prolific success, considering the quality of his vibrant and compelling prose.

Check out Andrew Stancek's page at Fictionaut, and begin reading the published stories he's collected there.  He may be a self described late starter in writing fiction, but I'd say he's going to be finishing great, as there's not a dud to be found among his blossoming tales.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if there's a short story collection by Andrew being sold in bookstores in the coming year or two.  I'm so pleased to behold all he's done on his page at Fictionaut, and reading his work is a real treat.  I hope the few faithful followers I have here will click on the link above and discover the cultured artistry of Andrew Stancek for themselves....


  1. Thanks, Sam!

    Do check out those stories sometime when you get the chance.

  2. Thanks for the link. I've been wondering about polutropos!

  3. I know, Thea, I miss polutropos too. I miss that magical era in LT and in the salon when he was around making the group more magical. He had one of the best sock puppets too -- a poor Czech lass, if I recall, prone to hysterical faux pas and "misunderstandings". He's a writer we're going to be reading for a long time to come....


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