Meeting my Grandfather on Route 66: CALIFORNIA

Cover of my grandfather's 1932 notepad
 tersely chronicling his journey from California to Missouri
and back from Missouri to California along Route 66. 

note: the state headings are mine, not my grandfather's.  Numbers in parentheses are my grandfather's.  This is a work in progress.  I'd like to eventually have every page of his journal side-by-side with my transcription of his notes, along with hypertext of his more obscure or interesting observations.  For now, a few scanned images below of the original notepad per state will do.


San Pedro, California
May, 19, 1932, 
9:45 a.m.
Leaving Pacific
Tower Service
Station, starting on
trip to Missouri
Stanley, Gertrude 
I in their Ford.
Car registers
27985.  Stop and
have wind shield
wiper fixed at Art
Gill's Shop by Harbor
View Service Station
Leave there at
10 a.m.
Thru Anaheim
at 11:05
Thru Riverside


Stop in San Bernardino
to eat at 12:30
Real good meal
for 25¢ each.
Started on at 1:05
In just a minute
or two saw the
gear shift was out
of working order
Guess Art failed
to fix it right
yesterday when he
put in new parts.
Stanley left us
in car and has
gone walking to
H St. where
Harold Montgomery
works, at Box office
plenty hot here,


Came back with
a fellow and it
didn't take him
5 minutes, until
he said it was
O.K.  Was the
clutch hadn't
been tightened up.
Wouldn't charge
anything as he was
coming down town
anyway.  Said just
remember "Strout's
was a good garage".
Stanley made him
take 50¢  tho.
Stop at Station
where Harold works
and got 4 gal gas.


His add is

863 -- 18th St.
Out of here at 2:27
Got thermos jug
filled with ice.  5¢
on Hwy U.S. 66
Cajon (cahoon) Pass.
Elevation 4301 ft.
Into Victorville at
3:35.  Saw where Stanley
used to board at Stewart
Hotel.  Leave there
at 3:52.  Passed Union
Oil place where Stanley
Las Vegas*. -- Oro Grande
out of Barstow
at 4:48.  Thru
Daggett at 5 pm.


Passed 15 travelers

on foot today
Into Needles,
at 8:45.  Staying
at Carty's Camp
Cottage No. 30.
$1.50.  Garage joins
front room.  Had
drove 312 miles.
Name of our
cottage is
Just go times**
To bed at 10:30.
Up at 3:50.
Start out at 4:35
Colo. River runs along
in sight of Highway
Go out of Calif

* I can only speculate that "Las Vegas" was a road sign he was referencing, as route 66 veers dead east out of Barstow, bypassing Vegas by 100-plus miles to the south.

** or "Just good times" -- the name of the cottage?  Not sure if he was shorthanding the cottage's name or if in fact it was called "Just go times".

next post, Arizona

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