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The Apes of God: Time to Re-Read this Beastly Book in 2017!

In this absurd sociopolitical climate we live and breathe in everyday here in the States, choking from the befouled air so malodorous with corruption that we must don our imported WWI gas masks in order to salvage and breathe whatever decaying virtues, untouched by Trump's toxicity, we might have left to inhale.  Oh this fetid defilement where we've been bait-and-switched the stench of carrion flowers for the promised roses.  Who are the apes of god today?  Where, oh where, is a writer hated by everyone like WyndhamLewis when we need him right now? 
Perhaps you don't know Wyndham Lewis' writing? Know that he was a sharp-angled Enemy of the Establishment in Politics and especially the Arts. His august, adversarial gaze alone, melted the grease for the dilettantes he sautéed every day for breakfast and hors d'oeuvres.  His intense countenance was the austere art of Excoriation Incarnate.  The Bloomsbury Group, for instance, experienced many lovely and fruitful bloss…

The Suspect by L. R. Wright

Finished L.R. Wright's first mystery novel The Suspect (her fourth published novel) and I've had the unrelenting suspicion since finishing it that it is a perfect book.  At first I wouldn't give it ten out of ten stars, I thought to myself that maybe I'd give it nine, or 9.5, only because I'm not completely convinced that the forensics Wright depicted in the novel were as thoroughly fleshed out and considered as they would have been in so-called real life.  But, maybe, in 1984, in a backwoods town on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, reachable only by ferry boat, the crime was investigated as thoroughly as it could have been back then.  Maybe Wright got it exactly right.  In real life, would there have been enough evidence to convict the suspect, an eighty-year-old, cantankerous widower, George Wilcox?  Maybe not.  Maybe that's why Karl Alberg, the divorced detective on the case, could never nail him.  Maybe L. R. Wright thought up the perfect scenario f…