Ten Days to Self-Esteem ... Not Nine Days, Not Eleven or Twelve Days ... Ten Days to Self-Esteem by David D. Burns

It would be all too easy at first glance to mercilessly mock this book based solely on the improbable promise of it's title (reminds me of homemade signs I see alongside freeway off ramps everyday promising $50,000/week, or some such ridiculous figure, no selling or experience needed!) and the all-too-happily grinning mug shot of its pastel-turtlenecked author, Dr. Burns, so I won't, other than to say I can see where Saturday Night Live alum, Al Franken, may have gotten his "Stuart Smalley" inspiration.

The inside of the book? Believe it or not, there's actually some good psychological exercises/question-and-answers throughout this introductory workbook designed to foster intellectual/inter-relational insight and emotional growth, particularly for individuals who've struggled with feelings of low self-esteem and its bothersome brother, depression, for years.

Ten Days to Self-Esteem can be particularly helpful in a group therapy setting as a means of providing a framework for therapeutic discussions and interaction. I would recommend it for its hands-on practical value, though I think its title is a trifle disingenuous. Self-esteem, for those who've chronically lacked it, takes years (ten years maybe, if not an entire lifetime), to develop and see fruition. Not ten days.

You think we have low-intellects as well as low self-esteem, Dr. Burns?! Is that it, you Mister Rogers looking happy camper! I'm sorry, but I wasn't born yesterday, as my "grampa" would say, and I'm rather suspicious that you chose that title, Ten Days to Self-Esteem just to sell more books and to get rich quicker than it having any basis whatsoever in reality. Maybe I'm paranoid or just too damn cynical and need some quality treatment for that "disorder". Have you written a book called Ten Days to Less Cynicism, Dr. Burns? Ten Days to Less Paranoia? I may need to read those quick after considering the false, unrealistic hope you've offered the hurting, self-loathing world with Ten Days to Self-Esteem.

Dr. Burns, are you related to "Dr". Laura by any chance? She thinks her "treatments" can work in ... forget days ... mere minutes. You got nothing on that psycho (babbling) bitch!


  1. Ha! Well, you were right, it did give me a laugh. Thanks! I actually came across another of his (The Feeling Good Handbook) years ago. A good friend of mine who just "came out" and was wrestling with some major issues, touted it big time. But due to my general aversion for self-help books, and the immediate dislike I took to his smiling mug (an overwhelming urge to punch him in the face came over me--and I'm normally a pacifist) I didn't give it a second look. But, like you mentioned about the 10 day one, I'm sure it had some decent advice.


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