Meeting My Grandfather on Route 66: NEW MEXICO

into New Mexico
at 7:40 p.m.
Stopped at
8:30 in Gallup
New Mexico.  Had
drove 431 miles
today.  A man
from Loveland,
Colorado, said if
we didn't mind
he'd sit at
table with us.
So we talked
while we eat.
Camp at West
Side Camp. in
cabin named


"Lillie The Toiler"

To bed at
Up at 4:50.
Starting out at
5:25 from camp.
Top o' the World
7246 ft Elevation
Continental Divide
at 6:05 a.m.
Into Grant, New Mex
6:55.  Eat breakfast
at Yucca Cafe
Start on at
7:30.  Indian
squaws selling
sovenirs.  One was
carrying a Pan full
of them on her head.


Saw skeleton of a

sheep still standing*
out on the desert
Into Los Lunas
at 9:36.  Along Rio
Grande River on
roughest road we
ever saw.  I'm
sure we took
wrong road, the
way it was marked
fooled several folks.
Run into Pavement
tho later and
Gertrude said
"My, this is
Heaven now, isn't
it."  We sure


are thankful for

it too.
Cross Rio Grande
River at 10:22
and into Albuquerque
This is called
Sunshine State.
It's printed on
their car licence
Into Santa Fe
and stop to eat
a terribletown to find your
way thru.  Young
fellow driving a
Bread Truck showed
us the way out.
Pass by the
oldest well** and


The oldest Trail in

In Pecos at
2 pm.  Get some
sandwiches at
Perster's ____***.  Had
drove 258 mil this
a.m.  Start on at
Arrive at Santa
Rosa at 6:10 P.M.
Had only driven
358 mi, but a
lot of this was
over terrible
roads.  So we
were all glad
to get a chance
to stop.


Camped at The

Big Camp Ground's among
the shade trees.
In cabin no. 4.
Go to bed at
Up at 3:50
Start out at
4:35 -- Sunday
May 22nd
Such a pretty
Into Tucumcari
at 6:30.  Stop to eat
breakfast and also
have car greased.
Had drove 66 mi.
Eat at Golden Court
Service Station.


Start on at 7:30.

Pass Monument Rock
nature's own carving
23 mi east of Tucum-

a sheep skeleton standing up out in the middle of the desert?  Was he hallucinating?  Was it a prop or a billboard that maybe looked real through the rising heat of haze?


*** word following "Perster's" might be "Grove," "Home," or "Homes".

**** He inadvertently, looks like, skipped from page 13 to page 18 in his page-numbering.  There's no missing pages as far as I can tell, and the text from page 13 to 18 is seamless in content.  Perhaps the rocky roads of New Mexico rattled him more than he let on?  Route 66, I'm learning, was not completely paved until the 1940s.

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