Doris Lessing's autograph (The Grass is Singing)

Another serendipitous thrift store find: A signed copy of Doris Lessing's first novel, The Grass is Singing.  Adding to the serendipity and unlikelihood of the find (I do love that word, "serendipity," one of my all time favorite words, in fact) is finding out this Paladin edition of The Grass is Singing (the book cover is pictured below) is a UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada edition that was never for sale in the United States.

On the dedication page, the next page after the title page, in the top right corner, in beautiful cursive script (though the pencil lead has faded over the years), the previous owner -- perhaps the original owner? -- left their own mark for posterity:

"P D Beach
Aug. 1993
illustration by Ruth Rivers

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  1. Dude.. You are cleaning up on the Autograph finds!!!

  2. Thanks Mardi Brah! What's cool to know too is that I've only just begun. Should have another batch up over the weekend.


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