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Terry Brooks' autograph (The Sword of Shannara)

I will gladly buy a book I wouldn't otherwise buy (meaning I'd have no interest in ever reading it) if it is autographed.  And if it is also inscribed -- are you kidding me? -- I'm so there.  And should the book I wouldn't otherwise buy be signed and inscribed.... And also happens to be an iconic title, I will eagerly snatch it off the second hand / library discard / thrift store shelves faster than you can say "bibliophile" backwards.  Even if it's just a mass market paperback with severely sun toned text blocks and a creased spine or; worse, crushed silverfish stained right into the very fibers of the first front paper.... Why even then (hell yes! that's how committed yrs. truly is!) will I still let drop my two hard earned quarters on the check out counter for it. Case in point: TerryBrooks in the first volume of his legendary The SwordofShannara series.

"To Pat / With Magic / Terry Brooks"

Now, Pat, whoever you are or, perhaps now, mayb…

"Literary Life" in China, part I: Notes from Lin Yutang's classic My Country and My People

In Lin Yutang's masterful tome on his native China, My Country and My People, originally published in 1935, he has a chapter devoted solely to China's "Literary Life".  The "Literary Life" chapter is then subdivided into eleven subsections, all of which, for my money, are long enough and densely packed enough with knowledge, history and analysis to be legitimate chapters in their own right.  Below are my notes, summaries, observations, ephemera & many excerpts from the first two subsections of "The Literary Life" chapter in My Country and My People. And know at the outset here that I am a neophyte on the subject of China's literary life, and am nevertheless attempting to read and write about a country and its people despite my woefully little knowledge on the subject. In other words, if you happen to encounter this post and are an expert on China and her Literary Life, please chime in with corrections if corrections here exist needing cor…