Penguins Make Great Pets

And they look absolutely fabulous on the book shelves. Whether they're the black-spined classics with the classy artwork on the covers:
All those famous paintings from days of yore; or the deluxe-editions with the fold out heavy-stock covers and leafy, uneven (and heavier stock of) pages; or the older orange-spined editions, or the old black-spined mass markets with bars of yellow, orange, or red, at the top of the spines; or the contemporary non-classics; or the seafoam-spined classics (like all those Steinbecks I have); stand them side by side by side, and whoa, how can you not be in Classic (or non-classic) Book Literature Heaven? They're as enjoyable to stare at, as far I'm concerned, as they are to read.
Maybe I should take a picture of my hundreds of Penguins, standing proudly together like a Penguin Clan of the Antarctic, and insert the photo here! I would, but I'm at work (oomph, foiled again!), and don't have access to a camera (or to my bookshelves where rest my proud Penguins to be photographed). So, instead, what's the next best thing to Penguin books? ...

And as lovely and beautiful stand these real penguins side by side by side by side, real Penguin Books look even lovelier.

Happy 75th Birthday, Penguin Books!


  1. Remember the Penguin 60s they came out with in '95 for the 60th anniversary? For just a buck each, a whole series of individual stories or essays by writers from the Penguin stable, past and present.

    Maybe a Penguin 75s for the new millennium?...

  2. Ooh, great new profile pic! What store, please?

  3. The Penguin 60s! (dang, completely forgot about them, must edit post to include them) weren't even on my radar until long after the fact, when I found the Nathaniel Hawthorne one they put out at the library, probably a good seven or eight years after it was published.

    Bookstore? That's the view I have when I walk in the front door every evening!

    Uh ... I wish, don't you? That's Shakespeare and Co., Paris. Great photos, and a link to a guardian article, here:


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