The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr by E.T.A. Hoffmann

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So this book, you know, is about a cat. A tomcat to be exact. I used to have a tomcat when I was a little girl, black and white striped. I think the man who wrote this book also wrote The Nutcracker. LOL.

Emmy Ridgway illus., 1820 
I loved reading this book. It's about a tomcat. And have you seen the cover? OMG, it's to die for! There's this cute cat, right, I mean a tomcat, holding a "quill," which is another word for a pen. I looked it up. Woo hoo!

And my, what a long tail you have there on the book cover, Mr. Tomcat! You know what they say about tomcats with really long tails! Ha! LOL.

My stupid older brother accidentally ran over the tomcat I had as a kid, backing up out of the driveway in his ridiculous Trans-Am. I've never seen anything so sad in my life. My tomcat, in an instant, got turned into a tomcat carpet or floor mat kind of thingie. Can we say, like, steamrolled?!

I was traumatized for like months. My therapist said that all tomcats have to die sometime, and he's right, but it still hurts and makes me cry just thinking about it.

I'm sure glad that LibraryThing is a place where so many awesome people love not only books, but cats! (and tomcats too!) Woo hoo!

Daddy bought me a new tomcat after my brother killed the old one, but then the new one died too when my little sister accidentally left the door to the washing machine open in the garage. :(

My favorite name for a tomcat is Fedora.

I think you'll like The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr. The book cover is AWESOME!!!

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