Twilight: The Graphic Novel Version by Stephanie Meyer

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So, this book, TWILIGHT right, the graphic novel version, has actual illustrations. Such dope pictures yo, to like make the book so much easier to comprehend and understand. To, like, read, y'know? And it's faster, but not any less exciting, reading this AWESOME and AMAZING graphic novel version too, since the scary and romantic pictures take up more space than the words. I'm like so glad Stephanie Meyer put out this graphic novel! Woo hoo!

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 (The Twilight Saga)

Everybody already knows what TWILIGHT is all about, right? So let me just say that it's like a bloodmance! Get it? "Blood," because of the blood sucking vampires like Edward (heart go pitterpatter pitterpatter), and "mance," which is like, I think, the third syllable of "romance." So, y'know, if you like put the two together, "blood," and then "mance," then it's like a "bloodmance"! It's only the best BLOODMANCE ever written! I can't wait for the three sequels to get their own graphic novel version too.

And now with this graphic novel version of TWILIGHT, there's probably no need for TWILIGHT SparkNotes, or even those older Cliff's Notes, to help you understand it, like, why is the book called TWILIGHT in the first place? Like, what does TWILIGHT really mean at a deep level like the level that THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA by Ernest Steinbeck really means, y'know? But still, even though there's no SparkNotes, if you read the book really really really slow, and don't skip ANY of the dope pictures that like bring out the deeper meaning of the words, I think the book can still be understood. Woo hoo!

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