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"An Up P.O.V."

The Best Heavy Metal Songs of All Time You've Probably Never Heard (and Never Wanted to Hear), Part I

A mighty metal list comprised both of novelty/shock-value metal classics, as well as some truly great metal songs that no one except metal dorks like myself remember, and who still, to this day, without shame or embarrassment, enjoy blasting with the windows down, whether in automobile or home residence (blasting, that is, when my not-so-heavy-metal-sympathetic-but-otherwise-excellent, wife, is not around).  The list is in the order they came to me; it's not a ranked list; it's arbitrary, free-kickass-associative -- Freudian -- in other words, with many crude and crass references to phallic symbols, and this list is just Part I of hopefully many more mighty metal lists to come.

01. Screaming in the Night by Krokus

A true classic metal tune from their classic metal album, Headhunter.

The best metal band ever to come out of Switzerland in my opinion (and there were at least two!)and this was their finest six minutes and 41 seconds ever.  But like so many up-and-coming metal ban…

"Graven Images"

Joseph McElroy

Joseph McElroy is one of my favorite all time writers.

Hardly anybody reads him.  Those who do are in a group probably not even large enough to be termed a "cult".  If you click on his name above, it'll take you to a thread I started over in LibraryThing on the author.  A very short thread, turned out to be, but with some great links to the rare and excellent articles that have been written about him.  There just isn't very much interest in his novels for some strange reason -- stellar and innovative for the past half century though they are -- and that's a shame.  In fact, not even his most popular novel has even seventy-five owners in LibraryThing.  Read just one of his books, and try telling me with a straight face, if you can, that he's not as good if not better than John Barth, Tom Pynchon, Robert Coover, or William Gaddis.  If you can tell me that, then you're obviously lying.  So, pick from one of his books below, order it (or, good luck finding it…